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Politics & Social Sciences


Social Sciences


Folklore & Mythology

Folklore & Mythology

Lust, Chaos, War, and Fate – Greek Mythology: Timeless Tales From the Ancients by Jason Boyett

azw3 |eng | 2016-06-21 | Author:Jason Boyett

PANDORA THE FIRST HUMAN WOMAN and THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL After overthrowing the Titans, Zeus asked Hephaestus to create a human woman out of the soil. She was modeled …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

September 27,2019 )

Cat Call by Kristen J. Sollee

epub |eng | | Author:Kristen J. Sollee

Feline Glamour (Magic) Afeast for the eyes, felines are fashion’s eternal muse. Enviable coats, an evocative stare, sinewy grace on the ground, and a disposition for drama have made cats …

( Category:

Feminist Theory

September 20,2019 )

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Unicorns by Angela A. Wix

epub |eng | 2019-08-13 | Author:Angela A. Wix

Flower essences: 1 drop of each flower essence, or visualize this using the Rose Essence Technique (which will be described shortly) Paper Tape A pen or markerstones: When I made …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

September 20,2019 )

Folktales told around the world by Dorson Richard M. (Richard Mercer) 1916-

epub |eng | 1978-09-19 | Author:Dorson, Richard M. (Richard Mercer), 1916-

The Exiled Sister and Her Son 315 them and went back to her house. She didn’t know that there was something terrible back at her brother’s house. She prepared herself …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

September 20,2019 )

Legends of Vancouver by E. Pauline Johnson

azw3, epub |eng | 2018-03-26 | Author:E. Pauline Johnson

Point Grey “Have you ever sailed around Point Grey?” asked a young Squam­ish tillicum of mine who of­ten comes to see me, to share a cup of tea and a …

( Category:

Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

September 16,2019 )

Duel at Dawn: Heroes, Martyrs, and the Rise of Modern Mathematics by Amir Alexander

epub |eng | 2010-07-14 | Author:Amir Alexander [Alexander, Amir]

Pariah in Paris In 1838 the Duke of Bordeaux reached majority, ending Cauchy’s role at the exiled court. Eight long years of exile had taken their toll on the mathematician, …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

September 12,2019 )

Haunted Nevada by Janice Oberding

epub |eng | | Author:Janice Oberding

Governor’s Mansion The state of Nevada’s birthday falls on Halloween, October 31. This is why the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City is lavishly decorated with ghosts, goblins, and all manner …

( Category:

Ghosts & Hauntings

September 10,2019 )

Written in the Stars by Alison Davies

epub |eng | 2018-05-09 | Author:Alison Davies

CANIS MAJOR FAMILY ORION LOCATION Second quadrant of the southern hemisphere BEST SEEN IN February NAME MEANING The Great Dog STARS Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris), Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris), Wezen …

( Category:


September 5,2019 )

Hollow Places by Christopher Hadley

epub |eng | 2019-06-28 | Author:Christopher Hadley

23 I know this story to be true because Sheldon told his daughter; Rosa. Rosa told it to her daughter Estella. Estella; in turn, told it to her son, William. …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

September 5,2019 )

Living the Hero’s Journey by Will Craig

azw3 |eng | 2017-09-07 | Author:Will Craig

Proof of Purpose Now that we’ve been encouraged to emulate our screen heroes and follow our dreams, here’s the downside: Dreams engender feelings. Feelings arouse passion. Passion reveals purpose. So …

( Category:

Guided Journals

September 5,2019 )

Brick Greek Myths by Amanda Brack

epub |eng | 2013-12-31 | Author:Amanda Brack

Poseidon even bewitched Minos’s wife Pasiphae to fall in love with the creature in revenge for Minos’s betrayal. Around this time, the famous sculptor Daedulus and his son Icarus arrived …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

August 30,2019 )

The Land of the Green Man by Carolyne Larrington

epub |eng | 2015-08-27 | Author:Carolyne Larrington

Conclusion Our journeys in this chapter have taken us through east England, over the heathland and mires of Dartmoor, to the Borders and North Yorkshire where corpses once roamed, and …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

August 28,2019 )

The Gods of Olympus: A History by Barbara Graziosi

epub |eng | 2013-11-01 | Author:Barbara Graziosi [Graziosi, Barbara]

12 Mutants When Julius Caesar’s will was opened after his death in 44 BC, it was found to contain a few surprises. Most dramatically, it named Octavius, one of his …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

August 25,2019 )

Black Cats & April Fools – Origins of Old Wives Tales and Superstitions in Our Daily Lives by Harry Oliver

epub |eng | 2019-07-11 | Author:Harry Oliver [Oliver, Harry]

Bowlers are reluctant to stop a run-up once it has started, since restarting is reputed to be unlucky for the fielding side. Cricketers are superstitious about many other things, too. …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

August 6,2019 )

The Green Man by Kathleen Basford

epub |eng | 2007-12-28 | Author:Kathleen Basford [Basford, Kathleen]

Page 23 List of References 1. LADY RAGLAN “The Green Man in Church Architecture” Folklore. 50. 1939. pp. 45-57. 2. SIR NIKOLAUS PEVSNER The Buildings of England (series) Penguin Books. …

( Category:

Folklore & Mythology

August 3,2019 )
















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