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Diprint dengan mesin terbaik, Mengunakan Lem Panas Press laminasi sehingga cover lebih lengket
#Ukuran B5 (Standart Buku Original)
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The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting Skills, Tactics, and Techniques by Jay Cassell

epub |eng | 2014-12-31 | Author:Jay Cassell

Trimming the lower branches and snugging a pop-up blind under limbs of evergreens is a great technique for breaking the roof outline. Just like with tree stands, being in the …

( Category:


September 25,2019 )

Massad Ayoob’s Greatest Handguns of the World, Volume II by Massad Ayoob

epub |eng | 2012-07-24 | Author:Massad Ayoob [Ayoob, Massad]

Sheriff’s Model was rare in the gun’s original time, but proved reasonably popular in third generation of its manufacture. Note short barrel and absence of ejector rod assembly. .44-40 (.44 …

( Category:


May 25,2019 )

Gunsmithing by Patrick Sweeney

epub |eng | 2011-04-25 | Author:Patrick Sweeney [Sweeney, Patrick]

The PRI Gas Buster has a lip on the bottom, to block gas puffs that might jet back into your face. You can clearly see the joint between the parts …

( Category:


May 23,2019 )

Handguns for Self-Defense by David Nash

epub |eng | 2019-04-10 | Author:David Nash

At one end of the training spectrum, they are considered “beginner’s guns” but taken to mastery they are the firearms of experts. I prefer revolvers for home defense, since a …

( Category:


May 10,2019 )

Standard Catalog of Browning Firearms by Cornell Joseph

epub |eng | 2011-03-21 | Author:Cornell, Joseph

GRADE III Discontinued 1984. NOTE: The Grade III was offered in two variations. The first was hand-engraved and produced in Belgium. The second was photo-etched and built in Belgium and …

( Category:


March 20,2019 )

Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy C. McHenry

epub |eng | 2013-05-09 | Author:Roy C. McHenry

CHAPTER XVII. COLT hand-ejector pocket revolvers in .32 caliber had been made for about IS years and Smith & Wesson side-swingers had been on the market for four years in …

( Category:


March 4,2019 )

Standard Catalog of Military Firearms by Phillip Peterson

epub |eng | 2011-05-12 | Author:Phillip Peterson [Peterson, Phillip]

Courtesy Paul S. Scarlata from Mannlicher Military Rifles, Andrew Mobray Publishers Model 1895 No. 1 Cavalry Carbine This model featured a half stock with no handguard and sling bars on …

( Category:


February 26,2019 )

Gun Digest Smith & Wesson M&P Assembly/Disassembly Instructions

epub |eng | 2011-05-04 | Author:J.B. Wood

13. Drifting out the vertical pin will allow removal of the extractor and its coil spring. 14. With a proper roll-pin drift punch, drive out the cross-pin at the upper …

( Category:


May 5,2017 )

Standard Catalog of Winchester Firearms by Joseph Cornell

epub |eng | | Author:Joseph Cornell

View a text version of this table MODEL 70 TARGET RIFLE This version is chambered for the .308 or the .30-06 cartridges. It was offered with a 24″ heavy barrel …

( Category:


September 11,2016 )

Armed – The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry by Eimer Ph D. Bruce N

epub |eng | 2012-01-30 | Author:Eimer Ph D., Bruce N. [Eimer, Bruce N.]

CHAPTER 20 Concealment Holster Primer Holsters are basic equipment. You cannot safely carry a loaded handgun without an intelligently designed, comfortable, and functional holster that precisely fits your gun. Most …

( Category:


January 31,2016 )

50 Famous Firearms You’ve Got to Own by Rick Hacker

epub, azw3 |eng | | Author:Rick Hacker

Vernier tang sights are a popular feature on Sharps rifles, whether replicas or originals. This early Shiloh Sharps is stamped with the original Farmington, New York, address that is sought …

( Category:


August 22,2015 )

1911 The First 100 Years: The First 100 Years by Patrick Sweeney

epub |eng | 2010-08-27 | Author:Patrick Sweeney [Sweeney, Patrick]

Today you can have a Dillon (or other brand) progressive reloader with case feeder, bullet feeder, and produce buckets of practice ammo. No need to slave in the basement all …

( Category:


June 19,2015 )

Gun Digest Ruger 10/22 Assembly/Disassembly Instructions

epub |eng | 2011-11-11 | Author:Kevin Muramatsu [Muramatsu, Kevin]

13. Hold the trigger back to remove sear tension from the hammer, and push out the hammer pivot cross pin. Remove the hammer assembly upward. The bolt latch spring encircles …

( Category:


June 18,2015 )

The Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Shotgun by Scott W. Wagner

epub |eng | 2011-03-22 | Author:Scott W. Wagner [Wagner, Scott W.]

The Model 37 was developed, like almost every other tactical pump shotgun, as a sporting and hunting gun. While Ithaca has the Model 37 in a number of very nice …

( Category:


June 18,2015 )

Gun Digest 2015 by Lee Jerry

epub |eng | | Author:Lee, Jerry

The bayonet-lug sleeve was created in 1944, too late to be used on any carbines that saw action during WWII, although many guns were retrofitted with this sleeve afterward. It …

( Category:


June 5,2015 )







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