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Diprint dengan mesin terbaik, Mengunakan Lem Panas Press laminasi sehingga cover lebih lengket
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Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

Urban Trails by Craig Romano

epub |eng | 2019-09-26 | Author:Craig Romano

Located within the Evans Creek Valley east of Redmond, this 179-acre preserve was once farm land like much of the valley. City officials recognized this old farm’s rich wildlife habitat …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

September 27,2019 )

Survive- The Economic Collapse by Piero San Giorgio

mobi |eng | 2013-12-01 | Author:Piero San Giorgio

As with anything, survival depends above all on the experience acquired by practice. Train yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, where you will learn endurance, strength, agility and the …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

September 6,2019 )

Rock Climbing Technique by John Kettle

epub |eng | 2018-06-21 | Author:John Kettle

Troubleshooting If both arms finish bent, you may be habitually straightening your legs. Check they are both bent to keep you as low as possible and avoid ‘standing up’ mid-move. …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

September 3,2019 )

Lonely Planet Tibet by Lonely Planet

epub |eng | | Author:Lonely Planet

Rumudong PetroglyphsROCK ART In 1985 prehistoric rock carvings, or petroglyphs, were found at several sites in Rutok County, the first such carvings found in Tibet. The most impressive carvings are …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

August 23,2019 )

Rock Climbing Colorado by Stewart M. Green

epub |eng | 2019-05-31 | Author:Stewart M. Green

C Wall C Wall, named for the painted C on the upper left corner of the face, is a south-facing cliff that is down right from The Confluence. Expect fun …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

August 17,2019 )

Bears Don’t Care About Your Problems by Brendan Leonard

epub |eng | 2019-08-02 | Author:Brendan Leonard

BIKE COP •Is police officer •Rides police-issue mountain bike •Has gun •Rides on sidewalk •Is actually at work on bicycle, as opposed to riding to work DUI GUY/GIRL •Bikes only …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

August 3,2019 )

Empires of the Indus by Alice Albinia

epub |eng | 2008-08-01 | Author:Alice Albinia

In 2007, local Taliban groups finally took control of Swat, under the direction of Maulana Fazlullah, son-in-law of the radical preacher, Sufi Muhammad. One object of puritanical attack was the …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

August 2,2019 )

Swimming Holes of Washington by Anna Katz

epub |eng | 2018-07-27 | Author:Anna Katz

About an hour’s drive from the greater Seattle area, Mason Lake can be either a half-day hike or a backcountry camping destination. Come early—this is a popular hike. It can …

( Category:


July 28,2019 )

Everest 1953 by Mick Conefrey

epub |eng | 2013-07-05 | Author:Mick Conefrey

On the following night, at 5:00 p.m., John Hunt spoke by radio to George Lowe, who was at a camp in the Khumbu Icefall. Before he could announce the plan, …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

July 6,2019 )

The Sharp End of Life by Dierdre Wolownick

epub |eng | 2019-07-05 | Author:Dierdre Wolownick

twenty-four “LOOK! THERE!” I pointed toward the woods to the right of the car as I braked slowly to a stop. Gary and I were in Yosemite National Park for …

( Category:

Composers & Musicians

July 6,2019 )

Where the Mountain Casts Its Shadow by Maria Coffey

epub |eng | | Author:Maria Coffey

A month after I stood in that phone booth in Vienna, Chris Bonington received the roll of film, the evidence of the body on the mountain. He sent the images …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

June 25,2019 )

Annapurna: 14 treks including the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary (Cicerone Guides) by Siân Pritchard-Jones & Bob Gibbons

epub |eng | 2017-02-21 | Author:Siân Pritchard-Jones & Bob Gibbons [Pritchard-Jones, Siân]

From the monastery, head south over a stream to the mani walls, then walk between the meadow walls to the settlement of Lucky. This village has a large chorten, where …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

June 13,2019 )

Hike the Parks by John Soares

epub |eng | 2019-06-09 | Author:John Soares

ON THE TRAIL Start near the visitor center by the large signs with trail names and distances. Go right and pass through an area of vine maple that glows with …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

June 10,2019 )

Best Climbs Grand Teton National Park by Richard Rossiter

epub |eng | | Author:Richard Rossiter

The route is long and involved, hidden in the depths of the remote cleft between the west face of the Grand Teton and the north buttress of the Enclosure. There …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

April 5,2019 )

The Ascent of Nanda Devi by H W Tilman

epub |eng | 2014-10-14 | Author:H W Tilman [Tilman, H W]

– THE GORGE – The day after these memorable events dawned fine, and having discussed the position and decided on a plan, we started sorting out loads and re-bagging the …

( Category:

Mountain Climbing

March 23,2019 )











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