Buku Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous
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Buku Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous


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Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous


Language: eng

Format: azw3

ISBN: 9781542097512

Publisher: AmazonClassics

Published: 2017-06-26T16:00:00+00:00


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Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous

* * *

66 After the killing of the monster and Grendel’s decapitation.

67 Hrothgar.


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Jual Buku
Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous

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Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous




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Norse & Icelandic Sagas

Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous

Author:Anonymous, , Date: June 6, 2019

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Language: eng

Format: azw3

ISBN: 9781542097512

Publisher: AmazonClassics

Published: 2017-06-26T16:00:00+00:00
* * *

66 After the killing of the monster and Grendel’s decapitation.

67 Hrothgar.

68 The blade slowly dissolves in blood-stained drops like icicles.

69 Spear.


BEOWULF spake, bairn of Ecgtheow:—

“Lo, now, this sea-booty, son of Healfdene,

Lord of Scyldings, we’ve lustily brought thee,

1660 sign of glory; thou seest it here.

Not lightly did I with my life escape!

In war under water this work I essayed

with endless effort; and even so

my strength had been lost had the Lord not shielded me.

1665 Not a whit could I with Hrunting do

in work of war, though the weapon is good;

yet a sword the Sovran of Men vouchsafed me

to spy on the wall there, in splendor hanging,

old, gigantic,—how oft He guides

1670 the friendless wight!—and I fought with that brand,

felling in fight, since fate was with me,

the house’s wardens. That war-sword then

all burned, bright blade, when the blood gushed o’er it,

battle-sweat hot; but the hilt I brought back

1675 from my foes. So avenged I their fiendish deeds

death-fall of Danes, as was due and right.

And this is my hest, that in Heorot now

safe thou canst sleep with thy soldier band,

and every thane of all thy folk

1680 both old and young; no evil fear,

Scyldings’ lord, from that side again,

aught ill for thy earls, as erst thou must!”

Then the golden hilt, for that gray-haired leader,

hoary hero, in hand was laid,

1685 giant-wrought, old. So owned and enjoyed it

after downfall of devils, the Danish lord,

wonder-smiths’ work, since the world was rid

of that grim-souled fiend, the foe of God,

murder-marked, and his mother as well.

1690 Now it passed into power of the people’s king,

best of all that the oceans bound

who have scattered their gold o’er Scandia’s isle.

Hrothgar spake—the hilt he viewed,

heirloom old, where was etched the rise

1695 of that far-off fight when the floods o’erwhelmed,

raging waves, the race of giants

(fearful their fate!), a folk estranged

from God Eternal: whence guerdon due

in that waste of waters the Wielder paid them.

1700 So on the guard of shining gold

in runic staves it was rightly said

for whom the serpent-traced sword was wrought,

best of blades, in bygone days,

and the hilt well wound.—The wise-one spake,

1705 son of Healfdene; silent were all:—

“Lo, so may he say who sooth and right

follows ’mid folk, of far times mindful,

a land-warden old,70 that this earl belongs

to the better breed! So, borne aloft,

1710 thy fame must fly, O friend my Beowulf,

far and wide o’er folksteads many. Firmly thou

shalt all maintain,

mighty strength with mood of wisdom. Love of

mine will I assure thee,

1715 as, awhile ago, I promised; thou shalt prove a stay

in future,

in far-off years, to folk of thine,

to the heroes a help. Was not Heremod thus

to offspring of Ecgwela, Honor-Scyldings,

1720 nor grew for their grace, but for grisly slaughter,

for doom of death to the Danishmen.

He slew, wrath-swollen, his shoulder-comrades,

companions at board! So he passed alone,

chieftain haughty, from human cheer.

1725 Though him the Maker with might endowed,

delights of power, and uplifted high

above all men, yet blood-fierce his mind,

his breast-hoard, grew, no bracelets gave he

to Danes as was due; he endured all joyless

1730 strain of struggle and stress of woe,

long feud with his folk.



Beowulf (AmazonClassics Edition) by Anonymous.azw3

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