Buku Cherry Pie by Faye Madison
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Buku Cherry Pie by Faye Madison


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Cherry Pie by Faye Madison

Author:Faye, Madison

Language: eng

Format: epub

Published: 2019-05-10T16:00:00+00:00


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Cherry Pie by Faye Madison

Chapter 9


It’s dark when I wake.


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Jual Buku
Cherry Pie by Faye Madison

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Cherry Pie by Faye Madison




Literature & Fiction

Cherry Pie by Faye Madison

Author:Faye, Madison , Date: June 12, 2019

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Author:Faye, Madison

Language: eng

Format: epub

Published: 2019-05-10T16:00:00+00:00
Chapter 9


It’s dark when I wake.

I blink, taking a second to realize what’s going on before I remember where I am, and a flush comes over me.

…I’m not gonna lie, I’ve literally fantasized about this.

Yes, I’ve fantasized the more visceral stuff—imagining Mr. B tearing my clothes off, putting his hands on me, pinning me to a bed and fucking me as hard and as much as he wants to. I mean, yeah, I’ve had that fantasy, right alongside the one where I suck his cock under his desk in his big fancy office in the city. Or, you know, the one where I jump his bones in the Bane family pool.

Yeah, I’ve had those fantasies. But the other one I’m talking about is, well, this. Not the hardcore sex-fest of my other fantasies, but the kind where I’m just in his arms, and totally and completely content and safe. Which is exactly what I feel right now. He’s fast asleep, his chest rising and falling rhythmically with his breath under my cheek—his skin so warm, his muscles so firm and powerful.

One of his arms is around me, holding and cradling me against his body, and I swear, I could stay just like this forever. I mean, food would have to be brought in. Maybe some water. It would probably make his work commute or my hanging out with Amy a little tough—

For a moment, my little grin falters, and I blink, suddenly sobered by the thought. This incredible man who I’ve just given my everything to, who makes me feel alive, and whole, and like I can conquer the world, he isn’t just “a man I know.”

He’s my best friend’s dad, and man is that a souring thought.

For a second, I try and imagine how I’d feel if Amy came out and told me she was screwing Tony, but all that does is make my face wrinkle up. And I know it’s not the same thing at all. Aside from Tony being a total slimy creep, he’s just my stepdad, and we’re not exactly close. Amy and Marshall on the other hand have been each other’s whole worlds for years, since Amy’s mom left when Amy was a baby. Her dad getting with any woman would have ripples in Amy’s life. It being me though?

…That could go nuclear really, really fast.

It’s a horrible thought, and for a moment, I wonder about just grabbing my stuff and running from this room and letting everything that happened here with Marshall stay right here, like a forgotten memory that we’ll never speak of again.


Well, except my heart stings just thinking about doing that. Because as much as I love my best friend, and as much as I’d never in a million years want to hurt her, whatever this thing is with Marshall isn’t just sex. It’s not just me experimenting or having fun.

It’s real.

It’s real, and big, and consuming every part of me, and I know there’s no way I can walk away, or pretend it never happened.



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