Buku Lacuna, no. 1 by David Adams


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Lacuna, no. 1 by David Adams

Author:David Adams

Language: eng

Format: epub

Publisher: David Adams

Published: 2012-07-03T16:00:00+00:00


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Lacuna, no. 1 by David Adams

Chapter IX

Old Wars with Young Soldiers



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Jual Buku
Lacuna, no. 1 by David Adams

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Lacuna, no. 1 by David Adams





Lacuna, no. 1 by David Adams

Author:David Adams , Date: July 4, 2019

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Author:David Adams

Language: eng

Format: epub

Publisher: David Adams

Published: 2012-07-03T16:00:00+00:00
Chapter IX

Old Wars with Young Soldiers


Captain Liao’s Quarters

TFR Beijing

Orbit of Earth

Two weeks later


MELISSA PURRED like a kitten as James expertly stroked and kneaded her back, working out the tension, allowing her to practically melt into the thick, comforting blankets of her bed.

Captain James Grégoire had many talents, it seemed, and naked post-sex back rubs were another thing Melissa could add to the list. They’d spent every night they could in bed together. Although their respective captaincies often had them sleeping apart, the crews of both vessels had been quick to notice the “combined briefings” went from the exception to the norm at a suspiciously fast pace.

“You’re unusually tense tonight,” he remarked, working at her lower back, causing her to wiggle around in pleasure, his dark hands working her tanned skin firmly and expertly.

“Mmm… yeah, Summer nearly caused me to blow my stack today. She was curious about the plasma pistol they found on Saara’s vessel… Saara was trying to show her how to use it safely, and Summer was impatient; she accidentally grabbed what must have been the trigger mechanism and damn near blew Saara’s head off. Melted another hole in a bulkhead, which had to be replaced, but—ooohmmm…”

James worked his hands lower, taking the cheeks of her rump into his palms, giving a firm, lingering squeeze.

“Is she okay?”

Melissa gave her hips a cheeky wiggle for James’s benefit. “Oh, she’ll be just fine, more’s the pity. I chewed her out pretty badly, but I’m not sure how much will stick. She looked bored more than anything. Ugh, nothing I say gets through to that girl.”

James worked his way down the insides of her legs, her skin still warm and slick with sweat from their recent coitus, and chuckled as Melissa obligingly parted her thighs slightly to give him better access. “I actually meant Saara.”

Melissa murmured something gently, her eyes closed as she enjoyed his tender affections. “Oh, she’s fine. Lost a little fur, but she’s—oooh!—quite fine.”

“Hmm! A moan like that suggests I haven’t done my job properly.” A stray digit wandered up her thighs, gently nudging up between her legs, exploring.

Melissa reached around with her hand, giving James’s arm a playful swat. “He-e-ey! Again so soon? My my my… what are you, sixteen again and horny as a dog?”

James casually slid himself over her prone body, and Liao arched her back slightly, teasingly, pressing her rump to his groin. He began kissing the side of her neck, his sable-skinned body pressing tightly to hers. “I feel sixteen again when I’m with you.” He gave her ear a playful nibble. “And I thought I was the only one who could ‘blow your stack.’”

Melissa softly moaned as he entered her again, her small hands gripping the bed sheets tighter. “That’s a different kind of—nnnf! Mmmm!”



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