Buku Master of Sin by Sienna Snow

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Master of Sin by Sienna Snow

Author:Sienna Snow

Language: eng

Format: epub

ISBN: 9781948756082

Publisher: Sienna Snow


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Master of Sin by Sienna Snow

Chapter Eleven


* * *


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Jual Buku
Master of Sin by Sienna Snow

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Master of Sin by Sienna Snow




Literature & Fiction


Genre Fiction


Urban Life

Master of Sin by Sienna Snow

Author:Sienna Snow , Date: June 12, 2019

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Author:Sienna Snow

Language: eng

Format: epub

ISBN: 9781948756082

Publisher: Sienna Snow
Chapter Eleven


* * *

“What now?” Starlight asked as she nuzzled against my neck.

“This was your plan, remember?” I reminded her.

This woman had rocked my world. Her innocence and desire to explore was throwing me for a loop. I was never into public sex. It was a hard-and-fast rule.

And here I was, coming in front of at least a dozen cameras and two people who probably wanted to kill us at the moment.

I was supposed to tell her about what I’d learned about the will. Instead, I was consumed by jealousy and a desire that I’d never experienced with any other woman.

“Hagen?” She lifted her head from my shoulder. “Why’d you come inside me? Were you marking me in some caveman fashion?”

“Yes,” I honestly answered before I thought otherwise.

I wanted to mark every inch of her inside and out. I wanted every man within one hundred feet of her to know she was mine.

I wanted her forever. I wanted her round with my children. I wanted her… Fuck, what the hell was I thinking?

This woman made me feel too much and we’d barely begun.

I had to get control.


“And what?” I said, hoping the coolness of my tone would get my mind back in order. “You’re my woman. I can mark you with my cum wherever, whenever, and however I want.” I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the seat’s headrest.

“Umm, okay.” She slid off me and moved to the passenger seat. “You’ve put me in my place. I’m yours until you get me out of your system. Isn’t that what you said the first time we were together?”

Immediately, I regretted my words, from a few weeks earlier and just now. I sounded like an asshole. She was more to me than she could ever know.


She wouldn’t look in my direction as she adjusted her clothes. There was hurt on her face and a sheen of tears in her beautiful green gaze.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“It doesn’t matter. Just tell me what you need to talk about so I can get back to work.”

Her arms were crossed tight over her body, and her posture was ramrod straight.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated.

“I said it doesn’t matter. We will fuck as we agreed, you will help me prove Dara’s involvement in Papa’s death, and then you can move on to your next temporary conquest.”

“Dammit. It’s not like that between us. It never has been and never will be.”

I was fucking this up royally.

“Could have fooled me.” She turned her body away from me.

I set my hands on her hips and adjusted her back to face me, causing her to shove at me.

“Look at me, baby.”

Releasing a resigned sigh, she said, “I’m not like your other women. I don’t know the rules. I think it’s better if we stop this before I get in too deep and end up hurt.”

Before I could respond, she opened the car door and stepped out.

What the hell.

I jumped out and stalked past her, blocking her path back to the warehouse.



Master of Sin by Sienna Snow.epub

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