Buku Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace

BukuebookMystery, Thriller & Suspense
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Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace

Author:Cathy Ace

Language: eng

Format: epub

Publisher: Four Tails Publishing Ltd.


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Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace





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Jual Buku
Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace

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Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace




Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace

Author:Cathy Ace , Date: June 22, 2019

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Author:Cathy Ace

Language: eng

Format: epub

Publisher: Four Tails Publishing Ltd.



A standalone thriller

‘It’ll be boring, Dad,’ whined Zack; Dave couldn’t recall everything sounding boring to him when he was fifteen.

‘Can we have a campfire, Dad?’ gushed Becky; at thirteen she possessed more confidence and maturity than her brother, but could still delight Dave with her childish enthusiasm.

‘That depends on the weather, and what level of fire alert is posted around the lake,’ replied Dave, keen that his ex-wife should see he was taking the camping trip seriously.

‘And you’re sure this cabin’s okay?’ Debbie sounded doubtful; she and Dave had been separated for two years, but she was still painfully aware of his ability to screw up almost anything.

‘Mike at work has had the cabin for years,’ replied Dave. He did his best to not snap at Debbie in front of the kids; they’d promised each other they would try to never do that, and it usually worked. Dave was eager to enjoy a weekend with his children in the wilderness, far away from PlayStations and iPhones.

‘Mike takes his kids there all the time,’ he added enthusiastically. ‘He’s going to run us up there in his boat, and there’s a little rowboat for us to muck about in when we’re there.’ He saw Debbie open her mouth to protest, so added quickly, ‘We’ll all wear life vests, at all times.’

Debbie still looked uncertain. Dave pushed on.

‘There aren’t many weekends we can do this: Zack’s got hockey from September until May; Becky’s skating doesn’t wind up until June, and this is the only weekend in July we can have it to ourselves – come August, Mike and his family will be there every weekend. School’s just out – let’s have a little R&R? A little time just for me and the kids?’

Dave could tell Debbie was biting her tongue. He hoped she’d see the excitement on the kids’ faces and agree with Dave that a weekend away from everything they seemed to constantly plug themselves into might not be a bad idea.

Trying to defuse Debbie’s obvious misgivings, Dave said, ‘It’s BC’s second-largest lake, and it’s tidal too – so it’s really a fjord lake.’ He’d only just found that out so thought he’d mention it. ‘And it’s really lovely, so we all know that means it’s one of Canada’s most stunning lakes, because it is “Beautiful British Columbia” after all, eh?’

Dave didn’t get so much as a smile from anyone for that little quip, so he just kept going. ‘And it’s just up the road, for heaven’s sake, right on our doorstep – it’s not like I’d be taking them to the other side of the world. We’ll be in the cabin within an hour of leaving the house, then Mike will come back to pick us up the next day. We’ll be out of here at eight a.m. on Saturday, and we can all four of us have dinner together on Sunday, and tell Mom all about it. Come on, kids – it’ll be fun.’ Dave wasn’t going to beg, but he’d get as close as he could.



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