Buku Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis

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Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis

Author:Michael Byars Lewis [Lewis, Michael Byars]

Language: eng

Format: epub

ISBN: 978-0-9914764-1-1

Publisher: Michael Byars Lewis


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Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis


September 6, 1995

* * *


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Jual Buku
Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis

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Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis




Literature & Fiction

Surly Bonds by Michael Byars Lewis

Author:Michael Byars Lewis [Lewis, Michael Byars] , Date: June 7, 2019

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Author:Michael Byars Lewis [Lewis, Michael Byars]

Language: eng

Format: epub

ISBN: 978-0-9914764-1-1

Publisher: Michael Byars Lewis

September 6, 1995

* * *

THE SPEAKER CRACKLED AND SHATTERED the silence in the squadron.

“Attention in the building. Attention in the building. T-37 operations are Stand-down for the day. I repeat, T-37 operations are Stand-down for the day.”

Jason looked up from his duties behind the snacko desk. Stand-down meant all flying stopped. That was odd—it was clear skies with no wind. They should launch every solo in the building.

“All personnel are instructed to return to their flight rooms for accountability.”

That too, was strange. Jason moved closer to the VHF radio set up in the snack bar for students to listen to other students talk on the radio. Intended to be a learning tool, it was often used for harassment by their peers. He turned up the volume for Eastside’s frequency.

“Bison Four-Two, you are cleared to land.”

“Bison Four-Two, Gear down, full stop, cleared to land.”

“Scare Four-Zero, VFR entry.”

“Eastside, Bison Five-Zero. What’s the idea behind the recall? I’m full of fuel.”

“Bison Five-Zero, SOF directed recall. Keep channel clear. Winds calm, altimeter three zero one two.”

“Scare Three-Two, inside initial, five hundred pounds.”

“Bison Four-Five, in the break, breaking out for Scare on initial.”

The pattern was a zoo. They tried to get all the aircraft on the ground and fast. The local traffic pattern filled up rapidly and the aircraft started to interfere with one another.

“Bison Five-Zero, perch point breaking out.”

“On the break out, use caution. There are two of you.”

“Scare Four-Seven, Echo.”

The chatter continued nonstop on the radios; something out there had gone wrong. Two students from another class entered the empty snack bar, one talked excitedly to the other, “I’m telling you, it’s a plane crash . . . it has to be. I heard the duty officer talking to the SOF asking him if they had a plane to go search for him.”

Jason dashed to the counter, he pulled out his in-flight guide and dialed in the frequency for the MOA controller.

“That’s a roger, MOA. Bison Four-Niner has a tally on the target.”

“Bison Four-Niner, cleared surface to ten-thousand. Maneuver as necessary.”

“Bison Four-Niner, leaving ten-thousand for one-thousand.”

Search and Rescue plane, Jason thought to himself. Holy cow, this is wild. Two minutes passed before the next radio call came over. By this time, a small crowd developed in the snack bar, all searching for the same thing: information.

“Bison Four-Niner, leaving one-thousand for five-hundred.”

The chatter built in the room between radio calls, louder and louder each time. But every time the pilot keyed the mike, the room fell silent.

“MOA, Bison Four-Niner. I have the plane in sight. Location is the zero-two-niner radial at thirty DME.”

“Copy. Zero-two-niner at three-zero DME.”


“Bison Four-Niner, do you see a chute?”

A chute, Jason thought. A chute meant one person, which at this base meant solo student.

“Negative. I see no chute or movement near the aircraft. I’m starting an expanding square. I’ll be bingo in two-zero minutes.”

Jason left the snack bar and headed for the ops desk. It resembled a madhouse. Every instructor with any kind of authority waited for information on the crash.



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