Buku The Difference by Kaylee Ryan


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The Difference by Kaylee Ryan

Author:Kaylee Ryan [Ryan, Kaylee]

Language: eng

Format: epub


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The Difference by Kaylee Ryan

Chapter Sixteen


* * *


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Jual Buku
The Difference by Kaylee Ryan

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The Difference by Kaylee Ryan




Literature & Fiction

The Difference by Kaylee Ryan

Author:Kaylee Ryan [Ryan, Kaylee] , Date: June 7, 2019

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Author:Kaylee Ryan [Ryan, Kaylee]

Language: eng

Format: epub
Chapter Sixteen


* * *

As we walk out of the arena hand in hand, I feel as though we’ve made a giant step forward tonight. I’d never heard of that artist, but that song, although not our exact situation, the sentiment is perfect for us.

I want to.

Her whispered confession has me smiling wide. I’ve fallen for her. Not just, hey I like this girl, but hey, I can see my future with her. We’re on the right track, and I can give her all the time she needs.

“You hungry?” I ask once we’re both settled in my truck.

“I am.”

“What sounds good?”

“We could just grab a pizza or something and take it back to my place.”

Although the idea is appealing, there is one that appeals to me more. “How about we take it to mine? I’d like you to see my place.”

“Sure,” she agrees easily. No hesitation. I love this new side of us. I can only hope we keep moving in this direction.

She calls in our order for pizza and boneless wings, and by the time we get to the mom-and-pop place just down from my house, our order is ready. When we pull into my driveway, she gasps.

“Luke, this is your place?” Astonishment fills her voice.

My chest fills with pride. I designed this place. “Home sweet home,” I tell her.

“I love this house. I’ve driven by here hundreds of times. This is my dream home.” She stares out the window into the night. I have floodlights on the house, lighting it up.

Something else, something I can’t explain mixed with the pride I was feeling earlier warms my chest. “Well,” I say, parking in the garage. I made sure there was an attached bay large enough for my truck. “Let me give you the tour.”

Room by room, I walk her through my house. She’s quiet as she just takes it all in. We start upstairs. There are four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and an open entertainment area that looks out over the living room. “This is huge,” she comments.

“It’s my forever home.”

“Definitely,” she agrees, following me back downstairs.

Again, I take her through each room. She stops in the kitchen, her mouth hanging open. “Holy cow, this is huge.”

“You cook?” I ask.

“No. Well, I mean, yes, I can. I know how.” She fumbles for her words as she runs her hand over the granite countertop. “I just don’t do it often. Not much fun to cook for one, but if I had a kitchen like this, I’d probably cook big meals every night. I’d be as big as this house.” She laughs.

“Well, my kitchen is open to you anytime.”

“You cook?”

“I do. Mom taught me and my sister, Anna. Said she wanted us both to be independent.”

“My mom was always in the kitchen when I was growing up. I loved watching her. She made it all look so effortless.”

“We should cook together,” I suggest.

“Yeah. We should.” She grins. “It’s beautiful, Lucas. You should be proud.”

“There’s one more room.” I point to the hallway off the kitchen.



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